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How to improve your Chipping Immediately!

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The truth about hitting The Perfect Chip Shot  

What were we thinking? ?‍♂️

Over the years golfers have been taught that in order to hit a short/soft chip shot from around the green, you need soft hands or a loose grip. It couldn’t be any further from the truth…. Next time you are chipping, I urge you to experiment with a firm or even a tight grip which puts you 100% in charge on the club’s movements. It will actually allow you to feel the impact of the ball which is essential for feedback and distance control.

The Facts 

To actually hit a short/soft chip shot properly you need 2 factors… 1) great control of your club to secure the perfect Strike, and 2) a great ability to regulate the Speed of your club. A loose grip or loose hands give you neither of these. When your grip is loose, the weight of the club will swing freely out of your control making strike pattern disastrous. Furthermore, this loose grip can also encourage excessive wrist action which makes speed control a nightmare. 

When chipping you should work with the theory that your hands hold the club in shape  and your arms move the club, much like hitting a short/slow backhand in tennis or rolling a bowling ball. 

Remember: a firm grip for chip shots will help you control the club and secure a better strike. It will further help you feel the contact with the ball and make poor chipping a thing of the past. 

Good luck with your practice and do let us know how you get on.



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