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Welcome to REAL GOLF LIVE, our brand new online live coaching service. Wherever you are in the world you can now experience the REAL GOLF coaching philosophy.

Our 45 min sessions are packed with knowledge and tips to help you improve your golf. Watch the short welcome video to help you get ready for your first REAL GOLF LIVE coaching experience.

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REAL GOLF Live sessionApril/May
How to Master your Pitching & Distance Control Completed! Repeating soon
How to hit DRAWS & FADES on purpose! Completed! Repeating soon
The Truth about POWER and how to create more!Completed! Repeating soon
how to build the perfect backswing Completed! Repeating soon
Full swing check plus bad shot diagnosisCompleted! Repeating soon
How to hit your Driver (full Swing)Completed! Repeating soon
How to start your downswing!Completed! Repeating soon
An introduction to REAL GOLF fitnessCompleted! Repeating soon
How to Master sloping liesWednesday 10th June - 7:30pm

We look forward to welcoming you to the REAL GOLF LIVE experience and working on your golf at home..