Richard Ellis

Director of Education

Richard Ellis PGA - Founder of REAL GOLF

Richard has dedicated his life to golf coaching. Since 2002, Richard has delivered thousands of lessons to players of all abilities. After completing his PGA qualification, Richard embarked on a journey through the world of Sports Medicine. After years of studying the sciences of human movement, Richard finally had the answers he had been searching for. Richard is here to share his unique journey and is now on a mission to elvolve golf coaching.

Richard is currently one of Golf World’s Top 100 coaches. His reputation is fast growing and has had the pleasure to work with some of the finest players and coaches in the game.

Richard is part of the Elite Teaching group in the UK and his articles feature in various golf publications such as Golf World, Today’s Golfer, National Club Golfer, Ultra Fit magazine.

“I am proud and excited to showcase our philosophy. Our passion at REAL GOLF is to grow the game and our fantastic team are working hard to ensure this happens”

Richard Ellis
Founder of REAL GOLF