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‘The Future of Golf Coaching’ – an introduction to REAL GOLF’s coaching philosophy.

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REAL GOLF Seminars (for coaches & enthusiasts)

REAL GOLF’s founding team of Golf Professionals, Clinicians, and Movement Experts bring together a wealth of qualifications and over 100 years of combined experience from the world of professional golf and the scientific arena of sports medicine. This collective knowledge underpins REAL GOLF’s coaching philosophy and helps us to challenge and evolve traditional thinking within the coaching industry. 

At REAL GOLF we look beyond image driven theory and study the inner workings of the human body, this in turn, helps us taylor the delivery to suit the very individual needs of each pupil. This methodology helps speed up the teaching process to ensure your students reach their potential fast. 

REAL GOLF have not reinvented the wheel however, we have seen the golf swing through a difference perspective, through the lens of human movement.  This approach has completely revolutionised our beliefs about the golf swing and made each lesson we deliver an amazing experience. The time has come to share our fascination journey and one we see can benifit all within the coaching industry.

Join us as we showcase our work through our winter series of learning. 

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Our Range of Seminars

– The Teachings of Body Motion

– The Teachings of Impact

– Where does power really come from?

– Why does a golf swing look like it does?

– How to build a golf swing

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Feedback from attendees

A note from Advanced PGA Professional Kevin Caplehorn,

Thank you for the seminar “The Teachings Of Impact”

It was such informative yet very understandable knowledge you passed onto us all, it made total sense and I really left with a buzz and fresh ideas for my coaching approach.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with you on many occasions now and I have always learned so much, I have implemented this immediately into lessons with huge success, the biggest success I find is with complete beginners and the ex 5/6 handicappers who have fell out of love with the game through becoming muddled on technique.

I’m really looking forward to attending many of your seminars as I Feel Your advice has help me grow the game massively within my client base through ease of explanation back up with understandable proof.

Kindest regards

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