LIVE Online Webinars

3 sessions every month to keep getting better!

Welcome to REAL GOLF LIVE – online webinars.  Following the great success of ‘kitchen golf’ we will now be running 3 LIVE lessons every month, covering Golf Swing, Golf Fitness, and Golf Psychology.  With a new topics each session this is the perfect way to compliment your progress and build your knowledge from the comfort of your own home. Each session also includes a LIVE Q&A so you can direct your questions straight to our professionals. You will also receive a summary video sent to your phone so you can build your very own library of REAL GOLF lessons and not forget a thing! all this for just £10 per session.

Let’s talk golf swing!

Grip, Posture & Alignment

In this months webinar our director of tuition, Richard Ellis, will be exploring the key fundamentals to get your golf off to a good start. This 60 mins session will empower you with the knowledge to ensure your GRIP, POSTURE & ALIGNMENT are correct each and every time.

Next session – April 16th @ 7pm on the internet! –

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Let’s get your body moving!

Warm up & Hip mobility

In this month’s webinar our director of golf fitness, Andy Driscoll, will get you moving, and exploring some further exercises to create more hip mobility. More efficient your body moves, easier your golf swing will become, and longer your could play golf in a healthy way. Sessions like these will also help you to fight off those post round aches and pains. Do not miss this great session and keep yourself moving!

Next session – April 23rd @ 7pm on the internet! –

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Let’s get you mentally prepared!

Building confidence after lockdown!

Are you a confidence player? We all are! Join Charles for this interactive session in which we explore what confidence is, how it can help you and why we should be proactive in building our own confidence. This session will provide clear strategies for you to build and also maintain a robust confidence for the season ahead! Do not miss this great opportunity to keep getting better.

Next session – April 30th @ 7pm on the internet! –

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