REAL GOLF IS HERE TO IMPROVE YOUR GOLF, our team of golf professionals and medical experts brings together a wealth of knowledge to create the finest environment for you to learn golf. This collaboration between golf and medicine has allowed our coaches to see the golf swing through a more detailed lens. Through these advancements in knowledge, REAL GOLF challenges some of the misperceptions around coaching theories and provides solutions to the issues that have plagued our sport for many years.

The Need

Our beautiful game of golf is on the decline and we want to ask why. Research suggests the average golfer is not improving, hence REAL GOLF is here to change this trend.  Is golf really that difficult? Is the time that it takes to play really an issue, or have we not yet found the most efficient way to teach golf?

Over the past 100 years, a large part of our common perceptions of the golf swing have derived from the visual aesthetics of what a golf swing looks like. REAL GOLF dives into the issues around this image driven theory and takes you on a journey through the lens of human movement.  Our approach looks beyond the external pictures and explores the internal function of the golf swing.

Coaching Professionals are dealing with the human body in every lesson, therefore, we believe it is essential that each coach is equipped with the knowledge of how the human body works.

This different perspective offers a clinical insight to the human body and a more efficient way to teach golf. Armed with  enhanced knowledge, we are improving the teachings of golf and delivering a greater coaching experience for all.

REAL GOLF's mission is to evolve golf coaching globally and ensure teachers are the foundation for growth within the sport.