Peter Taylor - Head of Mind Performance

Peter Taylor Mind Coach

Peter Taylor CIPD MSc

We are proud to have Peter as part of the Real Golf family.  Peter will be helping our young scholars and hosting many workshops for all of our students to access.

Peter is available for private tuition and can be contacted using info@real-golf.org.

Peter’s guarantee is to enable you to realise yourself through understanding how your mind works through its built-in design to self-correct when disturbed. 

There is a calamitous misunderstanding in psychology causing players to engage in frustrating search, often in the wrong direction.

Peter is certified by the PGA National Training Academy in Golf Psychology Coaching and holds a Masters Degree and numerous accredited trainings including NLP, Mind Factor Coaching, EFT and Kinesiology.

Each session with Peter is unique, due to your own learning spectrum, fun, practical and effective, without being simplistic.  

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